Walmart, Nofrills, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

  • Walmart, Nofrills, and Shoppers Drug Mart are the stores that our product will be available and will be sold in
  • Walmart sells variety of items, such as food, chocolate, desserts, candy, etc. Especially at this time of year, more chocolates and sweets will be sold as Valentine is right around the corner. Our product can be found in the Valentines section or the chocolates section.
  • Nofrills sells different types of food including desserts like our product. More candies and chocolates are on sale as Christmas just ended and Valentine is coming up. Our product will be available in the chocolates area as well as the entrance area, which will help customers find it easily. photo
  • Shoppers Drug Mart is a perfect place to sell our product as they range from food, school supplies, to cosmetics. Our product will be sold here as they have tons of great food/gift areas especially made for Valentines Day. Our product will be found in the valentines and chocolates area.



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