Whats Inside the Box?

After opening this mysterious black and gold box, what you will see inside is;

  • Two milk chocolate flavored bowls
  • Three of each Ferrero Rocher chocolate
  • Caramel Chocolate moose
  • Two different toppings (Peanuts & sprinkles)
  • Butterscotch Caramel Drizzle

About our Product

Blissful Box is a DIY kit made for all you creative ferrero rocher lovers! It includes two ferrero rocher flavoured chocolate bowls, caramel moose for a chill moist for the inside and two different toppings for you to create your own delicious taste!

Physical Distribution and Channel


The box and the dessert bowls are pre-made. The interior products are pre-made by our main company, Ferrero Rocher.

Product Packaging

Each product is packed into designated interior packagings. All of the products are packaged into one whole box.


Products are manufactured in Canada, therefore trucks will be used to deliver the products to stores throughout Canada.


Products are available for purchase in Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Nofrills. Supply may vary.

Customer Service

Items can be returned within 5-15 days if the customer is not satisfied with the product. If any products are damaged, exchanges are accepted along with receipt within 5 days.